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Just a little bit about me. Born and raised in Farnborough Hampshire. Apprentice served and qualified as a Mechanical Engineer at the Royal Aircraft Establishment. I inherited my passion and love of all things photography from my dad, we were always out taking photos of anything that moved or did’nt for that matter! I studied under James Cooper at Farnborough College of Technology. Using 35mm film as the medium for study. James was an inspirational mentor and taught me well to which I thank him to this day. My wife and I moved to France in 2008 and lived in the Creuse region until November 2015 where we re-located to the Vienne region. I started my Image23 Photography business in 2011 and was exhibiting my work at a local venue and was asked by a journalist, who was looking at my work if I would consider working for them as a photojournalist in their offices in Guéret, Creuse. I applied for the job, passing the interview and was offered the job, I was the only English guy in the office, who did not speak fluent French, it could have gone one of two ways! Luckily for me we managed to communicate and turned out to be one of the most rewarding and satisfying jobs I have ever had. Just a wonderful experience meeting the rich, the famous and everything in between that makes up the fabric of the French way of life. The variety, scope and locations of the work at the newspaper were sometimes challenging and taught me things I did not know about it was like going back to school again. I am a go anywhere do anything photographer and hope we meet soon.
Still Life